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FoneBot is available for sale or rental engagements.

Island Robots of Florida is proud to introduce their new FoneBot designed for entertainment and promotional use. This life size (5’ 8” tall) walking talking billboard is a real crowd pleaser for young and old alike.

Built like a common smart phone, FoneBot is instantly recognizable and invites even the most casual observer to approach him and investigate his capabilities, wit and humor.

FoneBot is fully mobile (he can go anywhere a wheelchair can), and he can spin his head 360 degrees to see where he’s been!  He is very sturdy and can serve drinks, snacks or pass out promotional materials. And just like your phone, he vibrates when taking a call or shaking hands with a new acquaintance.

His full chest video monitor can be programmed with app buttons, logos, promotional materials, or a multi-media presentation. Since no one can resist a photo op or selfie with FoneBot, your message is sure to get tons of exposure.




Base Model Features:


  1. Fully mobile, fwd, rev, left, right.

  2. Head turn, left and right.

  3. Right arm movement.

  4. Remote control and wireless mic housed in proprietary cup controller.

  5. Lighted eyes.

  6. Mouth lights synchronized with voice.

  7. Digital voice effects.

  8. 32” video monitor with media player.

  9. Simulated camera flash.

  10. On-board fully automatic battery charger.

  11. One year limited warranty


Optional Features:


  1. Modular design. Allows robot to easily be disassembled for shipping, ease of handling and reduced freight cost.

  2. Two-way audio. Allows robot operator to clearly hear what observers are saying to robot.

  3. Second arm movement.

  4. Waist bend. Allows bow movement for increased animation.

  5. Wifi/Internet connectivity. Allows robot to be operated from a smart phone anywhere in the world. Operator can address robot functions, see what robot sees, and have a two-way conversation with observers.

  6. Moving eyebrows.

  7. Moving mouth. Replaces mouth lights and is synchronized with voice.

  8. Moving ears.

  9. Head tilt. Allows head to move side-to-side for increased animation.

  10. Head nod. Allows robot to look up and down.

  11. Remote cameras. One or more miniature wireless video cameras can be placed around operation site and displayed on the chest mounted monitor.

  12.  Autonomous package. Includes head tilt and nod, moving eyebrows, moving ears.


This option comes with the above listed movements, a programmable/addressable sound card, and laser proximity detector. The autonomous package allows the robot to operate independently in the absence of an operator. When an observer approaches, the robot initiates a programmed routine of choreographed movements while delivering a speech or other information. This is great for those times when an event operator takes a break so the robot is not dormant. Also great for static displays while retaining the ability to go fully mobile in manual mode with the simple flip of a switch.

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