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Artificial Intelligence Robot 

After nearly a year of design work, development and testing, Reef Marten is finally making his debut. This 5' 4' tall automaton is unlike any other robot currently being offered for both commercial and private use. Reef is more than just another remote control robot or a tablet on wheels, he is an adaptive entity with a personality. Our first priority was to keep it fun, for both his owners and the people he interacts with. Once he establishes his rapport with an observer, conveying your message or answering their questions is easy. Reef acts as a liaison between humans and computers. He can easily be integrated with your on-site monitors, displays and signage to provide an effective means of highlighting any type of information, instructions or entertainment. And attracting new customers is easy as Reef will surely become an attraction in himself.


With 42 degrees of freedom Reef has no problem portraying human emotions and gestures. His face is real, not just an impersonal, simulated image on a monitor. As a result of compliant movement programming, Reef's actions are fluid and life-like. He can be subtle with normal human-like fidgeting as well as abrupt and sudden when required. One of the more frustrating problems with other robots is the difficulty encountered when trying to use all of the available on-board technology. Reef certainly has his share of gadgets, but it's the way his systems are structured that make the difference.


Reef is designed to help humans translate there needs into his hardware without labor intensive programming. His personality is directly related to your input and can be tailored to suit your needs or just entertain. This is not sophisticated AI, but rather a simple effective assembly of systems to provide all of the superficial actions needed to create the illusion of a unique personality. Reef certainly isn't smart enough to drive your car, but he does attract a lot of attention with even the most simple tasks. His equipment resources are ideal for performing repetitive social tasks, he never tires and is always cheery.


For retail applications Reef is great at gathering customer information.

People almost always accept his offer to send  hem an instant pic or post it live on Social Media.  Reef can control your monitors to preview the pics he takes, and observers can enter their contact information into his hand held device, quick and simple. Reef did not want to wear a laptop around his neck!


Reefs variable height is not just another gadget but is a very effective means of gaining the trust of his smaller fans.  Actually, Reef's appeal spans generations from the tech savvy to those who have never seen a real live robot. Just tell us want you want Reef to do. Anything is possible!

Function List     


*    Upper mouth motor    

*    Lower mouth motor

*    Synchronized mouth lights

*    Left ear motor

*    Right ear motor

*    Left ear LEDs

*    Right ear LEDs

*    Head LED circuit 1

*    Head LED circuit 2

*    Left eye pupil FO LED

*    Right eye pupil FO LED

*    Left eye brow tilt

*    Right eye brow tilt

*    Left eye brow up/dn

*    Right eye brow up/dn

*    Left eye pan

*    Right eye pan

*    Left eye tilt

*    Right eye tilt

*    Left upper eye lid

*    Left lower eye lid

*    Right upper eye lid

*    Left lower eye lid

*    Head pan

*    Head tilt

*    Head swivel

*    Left shoulder up/dn 

*    Right shoulder up/dn

*    Left humerus twist

*    Right humerus twist

*    Left forearm rotate

*    Right forearm rotate

*    Left elbow

*    Right elbow

*    Left wrist twist

*    Right wrist twist

*    Left wrist bend

*    Right wrist bend

*    Right thumb

*    Right index finger

*    Right middle finger

*    Right ring finger

*    Right pinky

*    Fuel gauge (battery)

*    Waist turn

*    Leg raise/lower

*    Left/Right drive motors

*    Dual color cameras

*    Audio amp ( 4 speakers)


Specifications subject to change without notice.


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