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At Island Robots of Florida, our Robots are suitable to work many different jobs.  From the corporate presentations to a child's birthday party to remember for a lifetime, our Robots are customized to fit your needs.

For Trade Shows, our Robots will enhance your exhibit by attracting crowds of people. They are able to roam the exhibit grounds, advertising your company and it's products to interested buyers. The robots can hand out brochures and literature, and rarely doesn’t an observer fail to accept information from a friendly robot.

Need that eye-catching event for a Grand Opening?  Try a robot to interact with the onlookers. You will definitely not be forgotten easily when the event is finished. Let Island Robots of Florida give your potential customers something to remember you by.

For the Corporate Presentation, you will have no problem grabbing everyone's attention and holding it with a robot from Island Robots of Florida. Play pre-recorded multimedia presentations within the body of a robot. Let the robot do your speaking and mingle with the employees. Conveying your message to the crowds is much simpler once you have their full attention!

Putting a Robot in the middle of a group of children or adults is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Make that Special Occasion one to remember with a fun and exciting robot! If you really want to have some laughs, equip your robot with one of our water squirt guns and let the robot drench your guests.

Whatever the occasion, it is assured success when you create an atmosphere of fun an awe with a fully mobile, interactive robot from Island Robots of Florida.


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