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Island Robots Of Florida brings to life: WILBUR THE COYOTE
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PRESS RELEASE ~ February 23, 2016

Orlando, Florida – Island Robots of Florida, an East Orlando company has just completed one of the most unusual entertainment robots ever. Their new “FoneBot” is designed to entertain and promote products and services for companies and organizations seeking public attention. This 5 foot 8 inch walking talking smart phone is not only entertaining for young and old alike, but is also a real attention grabber. As a strolling billboard it is sure to be a “selfie” hit wherever he appears.

The robot is fully mobile, interactive and his full chest display can be programmed with anything the customer desires including custom app panels, pictures, maps and video presentations. And like his hip pocket counterparts, he vibrates when a call comes in or he is excited. Just shake his hand!

This is the latest creation from Russ Martin, a popular robot designer with over 30 years experience in robotics, animatronics and automation. Russ has a lengthy resume of prestigious clients such as Disney World, Sea World, NASA, Ripleys, Universal Studios, Westinghouse and many others. And, as the original founder of Florida Robotics, Russ has his robots in 32 Countries worldwide.

This should be an exciting year for Island Robots of Florida with many new projects set for production.

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